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Notes from the 2002 Newsletter
March, 2002

Here are some items from the NLPS Newsletter, mailed early each year to NLPS members. To join or renew your membership visit the NLPS information page.

A Message from the President

What a distinct honor it is for me to assume the Presidency of the Nauset Light Preservation Society! I only wish I could have a talk with "Long" John Ryder, Assistant Keeper of Nauset Light from 1865 to 1869. Some of our historical questions could be answered quickly. He would be some appreciative of electricity, I suspect.

One of my first pleasant duties is to remind you, the membership, that we owe a huge debt of gratitude to our outgoing president, Pam Nobili. She has put in thousands of hours in the limelight at the light and gift shop as well as behind the scenes dealing with vendors, the Park Service and the many folks who call looking for some special favor or bit of information. She is still involved with supporting our group, but not in such an intense way. Her contributions are very much appreciated.

I have been involved with NLPS since the first Open House in December of 1993, and no doubt my involvement will continue for a long time. It is all in the timing, as they say. Well, back in August I sent letters to my customers, telling them of my desire to cut back some in my handyman business so I could devote more time to projects around our house and, especially, working on Nauset Light. Each of the former presidents has had a particular strength that they brought to bear in support of the Preservation Society. I feel that my strengths are in the mechanical and maintenance fields, and that is where we need to work hard now. It is particularly disturbing to many of our visitors that the light is in need of painting. Members of your Board of Directors are very aware of the maintenance problems. In another part of this newsletter, past president, Hawkins Conrad, will fill you in on the planned maintenance and replacement of components of the light itself. Hawkins is a skilled machinist and has made parts for the light mechanism and the portholes. We are fortunate to have him willing to help.

Thank you for your past support. Remember, your membership dues go to the long-term preservation and upkeep of the light. Your volunteer efforts enable us to have open houses, which in turn, provide an opportunity for visitors to make donations.

I look forward to seeing you at Nauset Light this season. In the meantime, we'll keep the Light on for you!

      Richard G. Ryder
      President, Nauset Light Preservation Society

Repairs to the Light

The need for maintaining the lighthouse is always with us. The exterior of the light is due for a thorough chipping and painting. We have also discovered that water leakage over the years has trapped moisture between the cast iron shell and the brick lining. We need to establish ventilation between the top and bottom of the lining wall to allow the moisture to escape. The rotating mechanism of the light leaks oil into its drive motor, which has caused overheating on warm days. We hope to let contracts in the near future attending to the painting, leaking and ventilation problems. We have acquired parts from Carlisle and Finch, the manufacturer of the lighting mechanism, which will allow us to replace the motor, gear reduction drive, output shaft and output bearing of the rotating mechanism. We can then rebuild the old parts and have them on hand for emergency replacement parts. All of these procedures will need the approval of the National Seashore, who is charged with maintaining the historical accuracy of Nauset Light.

2002 Goals

The goal of NLPS for 2002 is to repaint the tower and seal up some persistent water leaks. We are most anxious to start the historic work on the tower and oil house. Lighthouse tours will still be admission free.

NLPS Annual Meeting

The eighth annual meeting of the Nauset Light Preservation Society was held on September 21, 2001 at the Chapel in the Pines on Samoset Road, Eastham. After four years of dedicated service, Pam Nobili has stepped down as President. Thanks, Pam, for all your hard work. New officers are Richard Ryder, President; Sarah Korjeff Mumford, Vice President; Elisabeth Sandler, Clerk; and George Abbott, Treasurer.


Erosion continues along the outer bank. The stake marking the old site of the lighthouse was nine feet from the edge in December 2001. Good thing we got the tower moved when we did!

A New NLPS President
October, 2001

At the recent 2001 NLPS board meeting Dick Ryder became the new president, replacing Pam Nobili. Our congratulations and best wishes to Dick and many thanks to Pam for her years of service.

September 11, 2001
September, 2001

The Nauset Light Preservation Society shares in the grief of our nation.

Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce Grant.
March, 1999

We are delighted to usher in 1999 with the announcement that we have received a grant of $4,000 from the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce. The grant is from Cape Cod and Islands license plate sales revenue. The plate features Nauset Light and the keeper's house.

The grant money will be used for the production of a ten-minute educational tape and the purchase of equipment to run it. The tape will be a shortened version of our video, RESCUED The Story of Nauset Light. We will now be able to expand our focus from saving the light to educating the public, especially children, about the importance of the Nauset Light Station in maritime history.

To quote John D. O'Brien, CEO of Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, "Lighthouses are truly part of our New England heritage, especially here on the Cape and Islands." Thanks to John and the Chamber for their support.

Moving the Keepers House
October, 1998

Visit The Keeper's House Move page for more archives.

A Message from the NLPS President
Reprinted from the March 1998 Nauset Light Preservation Society Newsletter

The relighting ceremony last May was quite a tribute to all of us - a huge crowd, a band, photographers, politicians, dignitaries, and a positively gleaming tower. Thank you Valerie Dumont and the ICC crew. The emotions felt as we threw the switch were overwhelming. So much accomplished in four years.

NLPS, along with the Truro Historical Society, were co-winners of a 1997 Working Together for a Better Cape Cod award. This program, which recognizes visual and economic achievements, is sponsored by seven local banks. We each received a $500 prize and an elegant Pairpoint crystal cup. Hawkins Conrad and I were the Honorees during Eastham's Windmill Weekend in September. We received proclamations and stained glass pieces depicting the windmill and Nauset Light. Also in September, Hawkins was named "Keeper of the Quarter" by the US Lighthouse Society for the fourth quarter of 1997.

At the annual meeting last July, Hawkins retired from the presidency to become a member of the Board of Directors. It was his two years of tireless, skillful negotiations that resulted in the tower's safe haven on "Site D." I moved up to president, with Sarah Korjeff as vice president. Dick Ryder and George Abbott continue as secretary and treasurer.

We are in good shape financially. George has paid bills, filed forms, and managed hundreds of crumpled dollar bills into a $100,000 Endowment Fund. None of our money will be used for the move of the keeper's house. Costs for monthly operation and maintenance have not been burdensome. That doesn't mean we don't shudder when the revolving mechanism of the light begins to scrape! So far, grease is the cure, not dollars.

Thanks to the Gnome Landscapers for the improved view; the offices of Congressman Delahunt, State Senator Rauschenbach, State Representative Gomes, and the MA Highway Department for efforts in getting the ISTEA funds released; Superintendent Maria Burks and Lauren McKean for the SUP; Mark Forest for everything; and to all of you for your continuing interest and generous support.

- Pam Nobili

1998 Goals
Reprinted from the March 1998 Nauset Light Preservation Society Newsletter

NLPS goals for 1998 are to begin restoration of the oil house (slate roof, cupola, door, sills); site development for appearance and access; printing and distribution of educational materials to meet the needs of students, schools, and visitors; and continuing the admission-free tours of the lighthouse.

Fund Raising
Reprinted from the March 1998 Nauset Light Preservation Society Newsletter

We did not have a major fund raiser during 1997. We continue to rely on donations from visitors during our tours, memorial donations, gifts, memberships, and profits from the gift shop. We raised $40,000 in 1997, $20,000 less than 1996, the year of the move. Raising money to complete restoration of the tower and oil house, and landscaping the site are our priorities for 1998. We are applying for two grants this month. Success will allow us to meet some of our 1998 goals. We hope you will continue to support us. Our major fund raiser for 1998 is the "RESCUED" video, available late spring.

Windmill Weekend honors Hawkins Conrad and Pam Nobili

The move of Nauset Light was appropriately celebrated during Eastham's Windmill Weekend. Hawkins Conrad and Pamela Nobili were formally recognized for their work in saving the lighthouse by being honored at a ceremony on Friday evening, September 5, 1997, and they, along with a replica of Nauset Light, were a highlight of the parade on Sunday.

Everyone had a wonderful time, and we thank all of you for your contributions and support which helped to make the relocation of Nauset Lighthouse possible.

Moving the Tower
November, 1996

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