We list here those people whose interest in Nauset Light was such that they either remembered Nauset Light Preservation Society in their will, or caused their friends and family to wish to donate to Nauset Light Preservation Society in their memory. We are grateful for the donations and we are extremely happy that our work to preserve Nauset Light helped provide interest and enjoyment for these people during their life.

We will endeavor to keep this list up to date.  If our records have missed someone or we have them listed incorrectly, please let us know so we can make needed corrections.

Year of Donation  -  In Memoriam

2019 Dorothy Collis

Joe & Rita Leary

Mary Elizabeth Watson

Eric Kuehn

Nancy Underwood

2018  Keith Sisterson 

Anne Marie Ranahan

2017  Kenneth J. Wellington

          Frank Goeckler

          Martin J. Foley

2016  Eleanor Pitt Margolis - Funded wayside exhibits for the enjoyment of all visitors    

           Marcel Peloquin

           Carol Conrad

           Helen Ricard

2015  Michelle Dirksen    

           Carswell Family

2012  Daniel Kohlmeier

           Louis Kohlmeier

           Barbara Kohlmeier

           Ron Fritschy

           Allen Fritschy

           Jeannette C. Fitzgerald

           Jane B. Wellington

           Pam Nobili

2011  Denise Czapracki - Funded repainting of spiral staircase in tower

2007  Kay Canoni - Memorial Bench