April Noreaster

April 2007

The three-day Northeaster, April 16-19, 2007, with astronomically high tides, took its toll at Nauset Light Beach. Unfortunately, during the night high tide early Thursday morning, the stairs succumbed to the relentless pounding of the surf and undercutting of the bank. They broke away. At this time, it is unknown how many feet of bank were lost, but the erosion appears to be significant.

The post marking the center of where Nauset Light stood before it was moved in 1996 is now only a little more than two feet from the edge of the cliff, which appears to be severely undercut below. The post could be claimed by the sea at any time. We're thankful it is just a post marking the spot that is about to go over the edge and not the lighthouse itself. The tower is safely across the road. We appreciate your continued interest in Nauset Light and welcome your support. Your generosity keeps the light operating and open to the public.