Oil House News

May 2009

Restoration of the exterior of the oil house has been completed, and we are now in the process of designing an exhibit area in the interior. Space is limited, but our plan is to include several subjects that are of the most interest to our visitors.

A sub-committee has met with a designer, and we have a working plan. Since the building is on the National Register of Historic Places and is owned by the National Park Service, we are prohibited from attaching anything to the walls. Therefore, a simple wood, self-supporting structure is in the process of being built. All photos and artifacts will be hung from or included within the structure.  

We would like to display some lighthouse artifacts, but, unfortunately, NLPS does not own many. If any of our members or supporters have artifacts; i.e., keeper's tools, instruments, lanterns, oil cans, journals, log books, or anything else used at lighthouses or by the keepers and would be willing to donate them to NLPS, please contact us. Proper credit will be given to all donors.  

When completed, the oil house will be open during all scheduled lighthouse tours.