The David M. Gray Christmas Wreath

December 2013

At the annual meeting of Nauset Light Preservation Society held on December 4, 2013, David M. Gray retired as president. David served four accomplishment-filled years during which time he initiated the complete refurbishment of the light, both inside and outside, thus improving every visitor's experience. David was responsible for contacting Snyder's-Lance, the owner of Cape Cod Potato Chip Company, to assist NLPS in funding the cost of painting Nauset Light. The lighthouse is featured on the Cape Cod Potato Chip bag. Snyder's-Lance graciously paid the entire cost of $42,000. See the June 2013 update below.

A wreath is hung on the lighthouse every year at Christmas. This year, the board of directors of NLPS voted unanimously that from now on, the wreath will be known as "The David M. Gray Christmas Wreath" in honor of David's many contributions to NLPS.