This Oil House

May 2008

Restoration of the oil house began in September 2007 with the replacement of the slate roof. The old slate was removed with as much as possible being salvaged for reinstallation. Several rotted beams and the wood sheathing were replaced followed by the installation of the old and new slate with new copper nails. A crew of five NLPS members became very adept at measuring, laying out, cutting, drilling holes, and installing the slate on the roof. It was hard work with a professional-looking result. A very satisfying job for those involved. After much historical research, a new cupola and door have been designed and will be constructed by a professional builder.

While the oil house was under the ownership of the Coast Guard, it was painted white, so the exterior brick has been restored to that time period. Now that restoration is nearing completion, plans are moving forward to create a small museum in the oil house, which would be open to the public during tours.

In February, the fire crew from the park, assisted by a number of volunteers, cleared brush and dead trees from the site. The view has been greatly enhanced and is in keeping with the historical time period.

Top Left Photo, the restoration crew, left to right: David Gray, Shirley Sabin, Betsy Richards, Richard Ryder, Sherm Lovering